What Happens Next?

What Happens After I Register For The League?
Wondering what happens after you register... Well, depending on when how early you registered, you might be waiting for a bit. On this page we outline everything that happens from registration through the end of the season. Please read through the following information for answers to the important questions you might have and when you will be notified about the upcoming season.

At this time, we have two seasons a year (Spring and Fall). The following dates are general estimates and can change from year to year. Always check the homepage of our website for specific dates for upcoming seasons.

Spring Season
Registration will open in Late November - Early December.
Late registration will start in Mid February
Registration will close In Late February
Season will begin in late March - Early April

Fall Season
Registration will open in Late May - Early June.
Late registration will start in Mid August
Registration will close In Late August
Season will begin in mid to late September
Dates and times are subject to change season to season. Please visit youthsoccerlv.org for the latest and most updated registration dates.

The price goes up by $20 on the Late Registration date. This date is advertised on the homepage of our website, Facebook, and Emails.

Once registration closes, we’ll have a waiting list available. We typically have more than 100+ players that sign up for our waiting list so it is important to The price will increase another $10 after registration closes. So, it’s important to register before the Late Registration and registration closed deadlines. If selected from the waiting list, you’ll be sent an email with a unique code that unlocks the registration page. You'll have 24 hours to register. If you don't register within that time, the league will move on to the next player on the waiting list.

Click HERE to start your registration.

First, you should receive 2 emails after you complete the registration. One email is from Authorize.net which is the receipt of your registration transaction. The other is a confirmation email from the league letting you know we received your registration. If you do not receive these emails after you register, please check your spam folder or any other folders in your email account. Please add info@lvasl.org to your email address book to avoid any of our emails ending up in your spam folder.

From here, you just need to sit back and be patient until registration has closed.

Once we have closed registrations, we will send you a “Welcome to the League” email. This email will contain some important information about the upcoming season so be sure to read the entire email.

We will then start rostering teams and assigning coaches. Coaches in Nevada Alliance are 100% Volunteer. They are parents just like you and are usually coaching their son or daughter's, team. Most seasons, after registration has closed, we end up needing a few more coaches to manage the remaining teams. If you get an email saying we still need coaches, DON’T WORRY. This does not mean that your player doesn’t have a coach. We always fill out the season and there has never been a season that we had to refund a team because of not having a coach. We simply like to ask the parents before we go outside the league to obtain a coach.

Once we complete a team roster, we send that roster to the coach and ask them to call/text/email their parents right-a-way. Keep in mind, coaches are busy parents as well and they are still willing to coach your player. That said, please be patient while each coach organizes and prepares themselves for the season.

From here, we will send parents their coaches information about a week after the coaches received your information. We do this so the coach isn’t overwhelmed with phone calls and gives him/her time to call you. Please save their information in your phone or email for quick reference.

Common Questions About Registration…
How much is registration?
$130 Regular, $150 Late, and $160 Waiting List.

What age groups are there?
U6 (4 & 5 year olds), U8 (6 & 7 year olds), U10 (8 & 9 year olds), U12 (10 & 11 year olds), and U14 (12 & 13 year olds)

What is included with my registration?
8+ games (if possible - less than 8 games may apply; weather and other cancellation reasons permitting), Playoffs with trophies, Full uniform (Jersey, shorts and socks), Field permit fees, Player insurance, Referee fees, Free Camp and Clinics, Participation medals (U6 and U8 only), Individual achievement awards (3 per team, U10 and up only), Team requests, and much, much more.

Do I have to buy anything else?
Yes, you should purchase cleats, shin-guards and a Ball. Ball Sizes

Is there still room on a team for my child?
If registration is still open, then yes, you can register and your player will be placed on a team. If it’s after registration has closed, then we ask that you sign up for our waiting list. We will take players from that list to fill teams as needed.

When will I find out about what team my Child is on?
Coaches will start calling their parents after receiving their rosters from the league. All players and parents should be contacted no later than 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the season.

What happens if we can’t play any more? Do we get our money back?
Yes. As long as it’s prior to 21 days before the original scheduled, first game of the season, regardless of region. Here is our refund policy...
  • For all refund requests, a $5 transactions fees will be removed from the total amount refunded. NAYS does not keep this money. There are fees that the banks take when we complete a transaction.
  • No refunds will be issued during the postponement of a season.
  • Any refund request after the 21 day window will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If a refund is granted, it will not be for the full amount of the registration. There are costs associated with each player that need to be paid prior to the season starting.
  • No refunds will be given if no Team/Coach/Player request was provided and you are not happy with the team you were placed on and we are unable to move your player.
  • No refunds will be granted after 90 days of the original registration/purchase date.
  • The refund policy is subject to change at any time.

What if we started practice and decide soccer isn’t for us, can we receive a refund?
Yes. As long as it’s prior to 21 days before the original scheduled, first game of the season, regardless of region.

Practices may start any time after coaches receive their roster and make contact with their parents. We highly encourage coaches to get started right away, but again, coaches are 100% volunteers. Therefore, we leave practice dates and times up to them. Practice times and dates vary and are dictated by each individual coach. Alliance holds park permits for Monday-Friday from 5:00 - 8:30 pm for practices (with potential CCPR exception days/dates) and Saturdays from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm for games. Practices at other parks or occur outside of permit days/times are at the team's own risk and may not be covered by player insurance.

Practice space is not reserved and is on a first come first serve basis. We ask that all teams make room for each other and respect each others space.

Common Questions About Practices…
Do I need anything to start practices?
Cleats, Water Bottle, Shin Guards and a Ball.

What size ball do I need?
Please visit our Games details page HERE

What if I want to change teams?
We have a “Team Change” deadline every season. As long as the move is before that date, we may be able to accommodate the change. However, if there is no room on another team, then we will only be able to move you with a coach's request by email. If you are wanting to change teams after the deadline, there is a $30 fee. This is because we order the uniforms the day after that deadline. Unfortunately, we won't know practice times until after registration has ended and past the refund timeline. Most likely, we will not be able to move a player to another team if the practices don't work with your schedule. If we can make the move, there will be a $30 Change Team fee. We won't konw Register a your own risk. Refunds will not be issued if practice times conflict with your scheudle.

When and where do I get the schedule? The schedule will be created by the League and produced at least 1 week before the start of the season. The schedule will be emailed to everyone at the email you provided upon registration. You will also be able to find the schedule on our website.

How many games are there? The League will make every attempt to provide each team with 8-10 games per season. Please keep in mind, games may be cancelled due to various reasons including, weather conditions - Excessive heat 105+ degrees, High winds 25+, Lightning in surrounding valley, Safety concerns and Excessive Rain.

Practice and game fields are not owned by the League. We only pull permits in order to use them every season. Therefore, sharing the fields with other organizations can happen. The League doesn't maintain the grounds or facilities of the fields.

League Rules
The League does not post rules on the website because all too often parents spend more time accusing the other team of breaking the rules rather than enjoying their child play. The League adhere’s to FIFA law’s of the game with minor variations geared towards youth play. The referee understands all rules and regulations and controls the game. They are paid by the League so please allow them to do their job.

Common Questions About The Season…
I don’t see my team on the schedule for a particular week?
Depending on the amount of teams in an age division, there may be one team that has to sit out every week due to an odd amount of teams in the age division. This is called a “Bye Week”.

What happens if I’m unhappy and want my money back once the season has started?
As the terms state when you register, there are no refunds 21 days prior to the original scheduled, first game of the season, regardless of region. This is because we have already paid for uniforms, field fees, insurance, and more. That money gets used before the season starts. Only under rare circumstances will we issue a refund after the season has started. We would ask that you work with us to try and resolve the problem before asking for a refund.

What if I have a problem with a referee, coach, or another parent?
First, let us say that this is YOUTH soccer and you are an adult. We ask everyone to be polite to each other and respect each other's opinions according to the “Code of Conduct” that all parents, players, and coaches signed at registration. Our referees are certified and have no bias to any one team. They are human, just like you, and will make mistakes. If a problem does arise, please email the league at info@lvasl.org and state your concern. We will do our best to resolve the issue from there. Also, remember that coaches are parents who volunteered to coach your child. Please respect them and know that they are in charge of their team.

Due to the playoff schedule adjustments, all game times, field numbers and opponents will most likely change for every team in the last two games of the season (depending on region) so be sure to check the schedule prior to game day. If your team did not make the playoffs YOU STILL HAVE A GAME through the final date of the season. Again, please review the normal schedule before each game day. The U6 age group does not have playoffs and will not be affected by any schedule changes.

Playoff Breakdown:
The top 4 teams, in each age division in both the Southwest and Henderson regions, qualify for the regional quarter-final playoffs. The Southwest regional teams that win their quarter-final games will then travel to the Henderson Region to play their semi-final and championship games (both semi-final and championship games played on the same day with roughly 1 hour in between games). The Southwest semi-final winners will then play against the Henderson semi-final winners in the championship game on the same day. If your team does not qualify, you will still continue playing your regularly scheduled games through the end of the season unless your team has a scheduled BYE week.

Both teams that play in the Championship games will all receive playoff trophies for the players and coach.

End Of The Season Trophies and Medals
U6 & U8 divisions Only
Every player in these age divisions will receive a medal at the end of the season. U8 teams that win their division's championship in the playoffs will not receive medals. They will receive trophies in this circumstance.

U10, U12 & U14 divisions
Teams/Coaches in these divisions will be provided with 3 individual player trophies for their team. Each Coach will then decide who will receive a trophy based on the following individual achievements.
  • Best Sportsmanship
  • Most Improved Player
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP)
The coach will give a trophy to 3 different players based on who, they feel, best fits the achievement category. These are intended to be awarded to the 3 players at the end of the season. These divisions will not receive participation medals. Only the 3 players on the team will get awards at the end of the season.

Common Questions About The End of Season…
What happens if I didn't get my players medal?
Remember, only U6 & U8 divisions get medals. If you player didn't receive one. Please contact your coach first. All medals would have been given to your coach. If your coach doesn't have it, please contact the league at info@lvasl.org.

My Team didn't make the playoffs, do we still have a game?
YES. Be sure to check the schedule before each game day.

I never received my individual or team photos, how do I get them?
First check with your coach. If your coach doesn't have the photos in their possession, you can contact the company that takes the photos, ShutterBug Photography. You can find their information in previous league emails. You should also have received contact information from ShutterBug Photography as well. The league does not manage photo days or photos.