Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I sign up in person?

What does it cost to register my child?

What's the Difference between Recreational and Developmental divisions?

What is your refund policy?

I've registered my child, now what?

I did not receive my email confirmation from Alliance.

Should I have received a confirmation email after registering?

If my child has friends, classmates or relatives that want to be on the same team, can they?

I forgot to request my team when I registered, what can I do?

When is the last day I can switch teams?

I was placed on the wrong team, can I change teams?

When does registration open and when is the last day to register?

What are the terms of registration into the league?

The League and Game Day

Who Runs Nevada Alliance?

When will season schedules be distributed?

Can I change my child's team if we are unable to attend practices or if we do not like the coach?

Will the league provide uniforms?

What happens if I order the wrong size uniform?

How many games are there and how long is the season?

Where are games played?

What are possible reasons for game cancellations?

What days are practices?

Can I request practices days?

Where do practices take place?

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

Does Alliance play with 11 players on the field?

Does Alliance play on full-size fields?

Is Alliance a co-ed league?

Is Alliance a competitive league?

I want to know about how Photo Day works?

What should I do if I have a complaint?

What is the parent's accountability for injuries?

Do players get trophies or medals?

Does Alliance have playoffs?

Coaches and Team Managers

Are Alliance coaches paid?

Can coaches charge for training and/or custom uniforms?

How do I become a coach?

Is there anything I need to start coaching?

Can we bring our uniforms?

Do we need to reserve field space for practices?

Can we add players to our team after registration has closed?


What are Alliance mobile messaging Terms and conditions?

What is your Privacy Policy?

Changing teams, ordering an extra uniform or need to get a parent jersey?

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